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If I were a racoon I would dance beside the moon
on the fence by the shed in your yard
all the things you discard line my stomach clog my heart
but for you darling darling I would starve

so many of us here tonight you left us all behind
since davey crockett’s genocide
we racoons only come out late at night

furry hands and rotting teeth I can’t spit but I can weep
from the hedge I can see you while you sleep
and maybe one moonless night open window turned out light
we could dance I would never tell a soul

strong-armed men took my friends
skinned their backs and left their ends
I don’t see beauty in their stale disguise
I’m the last to survive but if I’m to stay alive
darling you must let me come inside

this is my last time here tonight I won’t leave you behind
goddamn if you’re davey crockett’s wife
but he sleeps through most the night
this is my last time here tonight I won’t leave you behind
and davey crockett’s hats are nice
but If I come home and old davey’s there
and he must kill me I don’t care
but if you must skin me
please don’t wear my hide


from There is Not a Snake, released April 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Nick Teehan Toronto, Ontario

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