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when walt disney froze his brain to save the future
was it just to leave his awful past behind?
so in his grave an empty shell he’d feel much purer
no need to work so hard with so much less to hide

I love jesus but I’ve only seen his movies
I love satan every time I close my eyes
all these years he’s been at sea out peddling rubies
for the kings who use the stones to sell their lies

at the mansion there’s a shadow from the future
falling faster than the pundits ever thought
and while yeah we could have change with blood thats newer
there’s a virus fed from centuries of rot

so take your ipods from your assholes
and your bluetoothes from your ear
come down from your ivory castles where the foods all disappeared
watch the starving crumbling lepers covet the water from your spit
cause we’ve pumped this world so hard its gushing oil from every slit

we’re all doomed
the worlds a tomb
where the doves choke on the new popes icy plume we’re all doomed
the worlds a tomb
mummifying children fresh out of the womb

and while music videos
are annexing your bedroom walls
the only place to get some quiet
are disabled bathroom stalls
move your couch in move your dresser
keep your feet warm by the dryer
we can all hole up in here until the empires final spire

tumbles down
in a sparkling mound
so falls the crown spewing jewellery all
around tumbles down
in such a mound
and watch the fools collecting treasure from the ground

and while thunder dome may happen soon
old tina turner will be dead
and in place of smoke and leather
there’ll be skeletons instead
and while the chimps collect our bones
to build the second comings shrine
all the sky will open up with rain
that burns your eyes like brine


from There is Not a Snake, released April 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Nick Teehan Toronto, Ontario

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